The Rector of Karadeniz Technical University, Professor Dr. Süleyman BAYKAL was visited in his office, by the project coodinator DOKA general secretary Onur ADİYAMAN and PDAU President Mehmet BOZDOGAN, and KTU project management members Assoc Prof Dr Özlem ÖZGENÇ and Lecturer Zeynep ŞAHİN TİMAR. The ideas about the project were exchanged.

The meeting about the details of the implementation team's duties was held, between the academics who will provide consultancy services within the scope of the project and the project management member Lect Zeynep ŞAHİN TİMAR.

A general assembly meeting was held with the whole project team at DOKA on 25.09.2019 in order to share the information obtained from the project management team's visits abroad.

In order to evaluate the results of the workshop held in Antalya, to evaluate the project method and to inform about the remaining work packages in the project process, a general assembly meeting was held on 06.11.2019 within the DOKA.

A general assembly meeting was held at DOKA on 21.11.2019 in order to determine the content of the demographic information part of the Online Skill Assessment tool and to evaluate the conceptual frameworks obtained.


With the participation of the project management members, the project weekly meeting was held at Eastern Black Sea Development Agency and ideas were exchanged about the project process.